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Our Mission

Provide a holistic understanding of health for the community: Mentally, Spiritually, Physically STRONG!

The Shed approaches healthy living holistically. You’re healthiest when you feel your best! Health isn’t just about working out; everyone needs to eat well and maintain the right mindset to help them achieve their goals in life. The Shed is a resource center for eating well, exercising, and community.

Our Vision

The Shed supports you!

We envision the Shed as a community of people who help each other reach their health goals. Our instructors help you conquer the day with the right mindset. Our classes will keep your body grooving and feeling good. Our line of foods and supplements help you eat well to keep you sharp. In the Shed you’ll find a community of friends and accountability partners to experience the journey together.

Our People

The Shed offers classes with trainers who choose the type of class about which they’re most passionate. Clients can be confident that each class will be taught by knowledgeable coaches and instructors who consistently better themselves and accomplish goals within their discipline. The Shed is a safe environment for everyone to learn something new and that starts with the instructors.

Our Facility