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Meet Our Trainers


Caitlin Bragg

I am a Holy Yoga Certified Instructor who has been practicing yoga since 2011. Although I have been teaching dance for 10 years, I was drawn to yoga for its whole-body approach to health. The strengthening, balancing, and flexibility aspects of the poses made it a natural transition. Even after a hectic workday I always return to yoga to find rejuvenation. I love how yoga always helps me maintain a healthy mindset for life. I hope you can join me in class and experience the benefits of yoga for yourself. In my free time I enjoy baking, and spending time with my family and friends, and especially my dog Bella!


Maggie Metz

I am passionate about helping others find restoration, healing, and peace of mind through their yoga practice. Yoga has been one of the most effective ways I have found to minimize stress, anxiety, and general unrest in my own life. I have been a NETA (National Exercise Trainer’s Association) certified yoga instructor since 2012 and have taught a variety of yoga styles including: vinyasa yoga, gentle yoga, yin yoga, and prenatal yoga. My heart for the practice of yoga lies in the “mindful” aspects of it, or the centering of the mind in conjunction with the movements of the body. I have a certificate in mindfulness practices and often incorporate mindfulness techniques in my yoga classes (e.g. deep breathing exercises and reflective meditation). My goal is to provide an experience that leaves clients feeling refreshed, relaxed, and restored. I would be honored to come alongside you on your personal journey toward a more balanced life.


Jordan Rife

I love helping people discover what holistic fitness looks like for their life. For me, being active is a way to enjoy the life I’ve been given to the fullest. There are moments of challenge, struggle, and intensity, but also joy, success, and freedom. I’ve been a competitive athlete for most of my life. In 2010, I started CrossFitting as a way to remain active and competitive. Since then, I’ve competed in the CrossFit Team Series, coached CrossFit Kids classes, and have offered private lifting and bodyweight training. I love helping others eliminate negative mindsets and fear when it comes to working out. No matter where you are on your physical journey, I’d love to have you join me for an endurance, body weight session!


Joel Thomas

I am a Holy Yoga Certified Instructor and have been instructing yoga classes since 2016. I have been practicing yoga for about 8 years and fell in love with Hot Yoga classes. Most of my practice and time on the mat has been in a Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga class. My favorite styles to teach are Slow Flow, Yen, and Power Flow. I became a yoga instructor as I believe that practicing yoga is one of the necessary approaches to finding and maintaining wholistic health. I have personally found that yoga helps me be more aware of my mind, body, and soul; which helps me better navigate through life and its many trials with greater ease and joy. Come join me in a class where we will focus on breathing, body alignment, awareness, and mobility while we move through a set of yoga poses together.